Sunday, September 28, 2014


Don't forget that book orders are due this Thursday!


Talk about excitement!We have been using quite a lot of these since getting them in our classroom last week! 

Cause and Effect

When we talked about cause and effect last week we used some dominoes to help the kids make a connection to what I was talking about. 

The marble or my finger hitting the dominoes was the cause and then the dominoes falling over was the effect. This would be a skill that you could easily ask them questions about not just in their books but in everyday life. 

What caused us to eat dinner? Why did you get ready for bed? Why did the kid take a shower? Why did the girl get grounded? Why did the car stop?


Summaries are not an easy concept for kids to understand let along to write. To help the class make a connection to summaries we made smoothies :) I am sure you are asking yourself how does making a smoothie help them make a connect to writing a summary? The main ideas go into the "blender" and then come out as a smoothie. Something that looks 100% different than what went into the blender. That is the same with our summaries. 

Here is their initial ideal about the book, Shoe. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pictures of Kids Playing a Connect Four Game

Look at the concentration on all their faces as they play this connect four game! Way to go guys! They did a great job working together!

Math Game to help with Quantity Discrimination

Quantity Discrimination Connect Four

 96    22

98   98+2

86+8  84+3

 65+2   66+4

95+2    96

8      12

56+4  54+2

99    97+3

51+7    56

24+2    28

55+6      59

5       58

33       24

43-8    45-4

7-3        9-7

42+6   42+9

15+3     17

3+6   6+6

86-2   85-4

70       78

27+8    29+3

93-9   94-5

63     57+4

25     30-3

Here is a game that you can play with your second graders at home. This is such a difficult concept for our young ones. In each box there are two sets of numbers. Second graders are to be able to tell you which one is the bigger number. On our mClass Math test they do as many of these that they can in 2 minutes. 

Use any type of markers that you have at home, just make sure that you have two different colors. We use two different colored tiles. You can use two types of cereal, noodles, legos, or anything to be able to use as game pieces. The goal is just like connect 4...they need to get four in a row in order to win the game. 

Friday, September 19

I know I am behind by last Friday was national talk like a pirate day. We read the book, How I Become a Pirate. Ask your second grader if they can talk like a pirate! They sounded GREAT!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

An Overview of Week Seven

Wow! How did it get to be week seven already? Time is just flying by! Pretty soon you will be getting progress reports for your second grader. After progress reports if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me and we can set up a meeting or even talk over the phone. 

As your second grader has maybe already mentioned this is going to be a rather interesting week for us in class. I will be gone Monday. The corporation is sending me to a workshop on our new Math standards. This will be very enlightening and helpful for me as  a teacher. We have all seen the new math standards but this will give me some insight and a more in depth look into them. I will be able to bring this information back to my classroom and to my colleagues. I will also be gone for a grade level meeting on Wednesday morning. All second grade teachers will be talking about our upcoming e-learning day on October 31st. Friday I will also be gone for a workshop. This workshop will be giving me lots of good ideas to help kids expand their thinking and look for solutions to things outside the box! 

Phonics: our phonics and spelling skill this week deals with r-controlled vowels. 

Comprehension Skill: We will be doing a lot with cause and effect this week. I know your child has been introduced to this skill before, but we will be taking a closer look at it this week. We will be using a well know children's book to help kids understand the topic. If you Give a Mouse a Cookie is a great book to talk about cause and effect.
       At home you can practice this skill by asking what caused things to happen. An example would be asking, "Why did we eat dinner? or What caused us to eat dinner?" Asking them to make these connections at home with cause and effect will hopefully make them more aware of them in books that they read. 

Comprehension Strategy: Summarizing is our big strategy this week. This is such a difficult topic for kids to grasp. When kids summarize they want to use word for word what it says in the book/text. It is our goal to get them to put the main ideas into their own words. I will be using a smoothie activity this week to help them understand that separate ideas (ingredients) go into making a summary. By putting the ingredients into the blender they will be able to see that what comes out of the blender is different than what went in!!!! It should be a yummy way to make a connection to summarizing! 

Again, if you ever have any questions or concerns please contact me! I look forward to a very exciting week!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Read to Self

Reading is so important to just about everything. The kids and I have talked about many jobs where reading is an important skill. Everyday we take the time to read a practice a skill. The skill today was questioning while they were reading. Here are some pictures taken during reading time today!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Morning Creativity

There was some creativity going on this morning when our guest were here! I saw some AWESOME things made!

Special Guests

It was so GREAT to see all of our special guests come today! Thank you for visiting our classroom! I want to apologize for not having a picture of Deegan and his grandmother up on the site. His picture was blurry! :( I am sorry!
Look at those smiles!

What a great picture!

Ashley loves her grandma!

Austin wasn't sure about getting his picture taken but he did it for me! Thank you Austin!

Two great smiles from two wonderful people!

Kian and his grandma!

Lucas and his grandparents were so much fun this morning!

Natalie and her grandma are both showing their pearly whites!

Rae did not want her picture taken but she is so photogenic! 

Rae and grandma, both with smiles!

Grandpa was very tall and got down to Rae's level for the picture! Love it!

Reece and her grandmas! Great picture!

Love this smile on both Seth and grandma!

You can tell that Talia loves grandpa!

Dylan smiles a lot and has wonderful things to say about grandma!

Nathan and his crew! What a great picture!

I believe this is where Nathan might get some of his orneriness from! What a great moment to capture! 

Austin smiled for his picture with grandpa!

What a great picture of Natalie and daddy! Love this picture!

Such a great picture with Selena and her grandparents!