Sunday, September 21, 2014

An Overview of Week Seven

Wow! How did it get to be week seven already? Time is just flying by! Pretty soon you will be getting progress reports for your second grader. After progress reports if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me and we can set up a meeting or even talk over the phone. 

As your second grader has maybe already mentioned this is going to be a rather interesting week for us in class. I will be gone Monday. The corporation is sending me to a workshop on our new Math standards. This will be very enlightening and helpful for me as  a teacher. We have all seen the new math standards but this will give me some insight and a more in depth look into them. I will be able to bring this information back to my classroom and to my colleagues. I will also be gone for a grade level meeting on Wednesday morning. All second grade teachers will be talking about our upcoming e-learning day on October 31st. Friday I will also be gone for a workshop. This workshop will be giving me lots of good ideas to help kids expand their thinking and look for solutions to things outside the box! 

Phonics: our phonics and spelling skill this week deals with r-controlled vowels. 

Comprehension Skill: We will be doing a lot with cause and effect this week. I know your child has been introduced to this skill before, but we will be taking a closer look at it this week. We will be using a well know children's book to help kids understand the topic. If you Give a Mouse a Cookie is a great book to talk about cause and effect.
       At home you can practice this skill by asking what caused things to happen. An example would be asking, "Why did we eat dinner? or What caused us to eat dinner?" Asking them to make these connections at home with cause and effect will hopefully make them more aware of them in books that they read. 

Comprehension Strategy: Summarizing is our big strategy this week. This is such a difficult topic for kids to grasp. When kids summarize they want to use word for word what it says in the book/text. It is our goal to get them to put the main ideas into their own words. I will be using a smoothie activity this week to help them understand that separate ideas (ingredients) go into making a summary. By putting the ingredients into the blender they will be able to see that what comes out of the blender is different than what went in!!!! It should be a yummy way to make a connection to summarizing! 

Again, if you ever have any questions or concerns please contact me! I look forward to a very exciting week!

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