Thursday, September 18, 2014

Special Guests

It was so GREAT to see all of our special guests come today! Thank you for visiting our classroom! I want to apologize for not having a picture of Deegan and his grandmother up on the site. His picture was blurry! :( I am sorry!
Look at those smiles!

What a great picture!

Ashley loves her grandma!

Austin wasn't sure about getting his picture taken but he did it for me! Thank you Austin!

Two great smiles from two wonderful people!

Kian and his grandma!

Lucas and his grandparents were so much fun this morning!

Natalie and her grandma are both showing their pearly whites!

Rae did not want her picture taken but she is so photogenic! 

Rae and grandma, both with smiles!

Grandpa was very tall and got down to Rae's level for the picture! Love it!

Reece and her grandmas! Great picture!

Love this smile on both Seth and grandma!

You can tell that Talia loves grandpa!

Dylan smiles a lot and has wonderful things to say about grandma!

Nathan and his crew! What a great picture!

I believe this is where Nathan might get some of his orneriness from! What a great moment to capture! 

Austin smiled for his picture with grandpa!

What a great picture of Natalie and daddy! Love this picture!

Such a great picture with Selena and her grandparents! 

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