Monday, November 10, 2014

Second Grade Skills Week 13

Spelling: We are working on the vowel patterns that create the long E sound in words. (e, ee, ea, y) 

Comprehension Skill: We will be looking into author's purpose. There are three main reasons that an author writes a book. These three reasons are to persuade, inform, or to entertain. We look at these three ways with the acronym P.I.E. Every book that we read can fall into one of these three categories for author's purpose. 

Comprehension Strategy: While reading our books, magazines, and articles we should be questioning what we read. When we ask questions it helps us understand what we are reading. As your child is reading at night encourage them to ask questions about the book/article as they are reading. 

Vocabulary: We have a working understanding of synonyms but will be moving onto antonyms. An antonym is an opposite word. Hot/cold, big/little, dry/wet, teacher/student

Idioms: We started idioms today and the kids think these are fun! What is an idiom? I would encourage that you ask your child that question. I have encouraged them to try to use the idioms that they are learning in class at home! 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me!

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