Saturday, February 28, 2015

Curtis Smith

Wayne Center was treated to a guest speaker during our No Excuses convocation on Friday. Our kids were given the opportunity to hear from chief meteorologist, Curtis Smith. I was very proud of our second graders and how they acted during the convo! What a great experience! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Creating Weather Veins

Creating weather veins was so much fun! Mrs. Munk's Science lesson was all about introducing the kids to different types of weather. This is going to be such an exciting unit for not just the students but for me as well!

How is Homework Changing?

How is homework changing? I-pads are going home on Tuesday night for kids to do their homework. This creates a lot of different possibilities instead of just paper/pencil. I wanted to share with you some of the items that have been turned in by our class. I have been very proud of many of my second graders. They are doing a Great job on the work they are doing! 

The kids were given a sheet of multiplication story problems and they were asked to pick only a certain number of them to complete. A drawing app was to be used to draw out a picture to solve the problem, and then answer the problem. These students not only have their picture, answer, but they also remembered a unit. 

Another example was a response to reading example. Students were asked to take a picture of the book they were reading at home. Then write five sentences about what was happening in their book. They were asked to follow a rubric to ensure getting the most points possible. 

I can't wait to see what they do next week! I just love watching them work with technology! 

Student Teacher

Starting Monday we will be welcoming a student teacher, Miss Panelli, to our classroom. Miss Panelli is coming to us from Trine University and we are very excited to have her joining our classroom. If you have any questions, please let me know. 
I know that I am quite behind in my postings and I do apologize for that. Hopefully you will all forgive me. 

I wanted to make sure I shared about the awesome experience our students were able to participate in. At the end of January our students and staff had a great opportunity to meet the Olympic gold medalist,  Lloy Ball. 

Lloy came to talk to Wayne Center during our No Excuses convocation. He talked to the kids about perseverance. He made sure that he talked to them about how hard work, dedication, and setting goals can get you where you want to go in life. He even brought with him his gold medal that he won in the 2008 Olympics in Russia. 

I hope that my students will always remember that as long as they work hard and put in the effort, that they can achieve great things!  

Tech night in second grade was a great success. It was really neat to see the kids working with their parent to do an activity. Mr. Yoder taught the kids how to use an app called Shadow Puppet. What a great tool.

The hour ended with a game of Kahoot trivia! We have quite the competitive group of kiddos in second grade! Even thought not everyone could "win" the game, I think everyone had fun!